Dr. Lynne Katz



We are living in tumultuous times for children and families. We are seeing the availability of many resources diminished from funding cuts and new priorities. Our students continue to need the supports and collaborative partnerships of caring professionals to fill those gaps and support student progress and achievements. 

Early intervention services, parent support and community outreach activities from our FDLRS network can make a real difference for our youngest students prior to entering kindergarten and beyond.

The UM Linda Ray Intervention Center, in collaboration with our FDLRS state partners, our local school district and community agencies, and with the University of Miami’s multi-faceted expertise, brings together the power of many to support the children and families we serve every day, and brings the “CAN DO” spirit to every child’s experience, so each student can reach their academic potential, maintain their social-emotional well-being and become the community citizens we know they can be.

Thank you to all who support our mission.


Lynne Katz, EDD